Modern Minimal Meets Old Charm In This Small Mosman Kitchen - Granite Transformations Sydney

Modern Minimal Meets Old Charm In This Small Mosman Kitchen

The key makeover features

  • Replaced the old cabinets with locally made custom cabinetry featuring bronze-coloured handles on the doors to match the overall old charm and minimal modern fusion look the client wanted
  • Designed and fitted custom-made doors for the pantry and the laundry that separated the area from the rest of the space, creating an overall organised look
  • Upgraded to a granite stone sink bowl with dual vintage gold-plated faucets, to provide superior durability and ease of maintenance
  • Transformed the old breakfast bar into a modern and functional space with our crown range stone, and also installed cabinets and drawers on both sides for extra storage

Family Kitchen Area

The existing kitchen was dated, had limited counter space, and inadequate storage solutions. The laundry and pantry rooms next to the kitchen had swinging doors that wasted valuable floor space and made the area feel cramped. Our team of experts transformed the space with custom cabinetry, folding doors, and a granite stone sink. The cabinetry matched the doors and gave the overall space a sleek, modern look. We also upgraded the breakfast bar with our Crown range benchtop and added more cabinets on both sides for extra storage. The granite stone sink added a touch of elegance and durability to the kitchen, while the folding doors allowed for easy access to the laundry and pantry rooms. The result was a stunning and functional kitchen that maximised the use of space and enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the home.

Maximising The Laundry Room With Minimal Space

This project involved renovating the client’s laundry area, which was very small and lacked any storage space. We installed a custom cabinet and top that provided ample storage and surface area while leaving room for the washing machine. We also replaced the old door with our custom doors that matched the kitchen cabinets and blended in with the rest of the room. The result was a seamless and elegant laundry space that enhanced the overall look and feel of the kitchen.