Contemporary Transformations for a Wahroonga Residence - Granite Transformations Sydney

Contemporary Transformations for a Wahroonga Residence

The key makeover features

  • Replacement of the existing plain metallic painted doors with new doors in a satin polyurethane finish in shaker style
  • Removal of the existing unused food steamer and replacing it with a new appliance cabinet, featuring a convenient lift-up door
  • Addition of internal soft-closing drawers inside existing tall cabinets to add functionality and accessibility
  • Replacement of outdated handles with French chic style handles to add timeless character to the stainless steel framed kitchen
Mount cemento
Desert cemento

Family Entertainment Area

The family entertainment area facing the kitchen also needed to complement the new colour scheme of the kitchen, however the client also requested to change the configuration of the entertainment unit to provide more practical and stylish storage solutions. Working closely with the client on colour palettes and designs, we decided to utilise the Laminex Impression range for the cabinets to introduce warmth and texture to the area. We also opted for an amazing stone feature wall using Earthstone Glacier. Check out the results below!

The result was absolutely magnificent! Not only did the makeover brighten up the space and transform the look and feel of the open kitchen area, but we were able to do it all at a fraction of the cost of a new kitchen. Pymble resident

Revamped The Family Outdoor Family Area

The installation of a hanging benchtop that connects the indoor kitchen to the outdoor patio can help eliminate the division between the two areas and create a seamless transition. The process involves planning the design, selecting the right material, installing brackets, and attaching the benchtop to the brackets.