Bringing Sophistication to a Brookvale Home - Granite Transformations Sydney

Bringing Sophistication to a Brookvale Home

The key makeover features

  • Implemented bespoke storage solutions to maximise space efficiency
  • Eliminated redundant sink and expanded primary sink zone, featuring a sleek double basin and a dual lever mixer
  • Installed state-of-the-art Bosch appliances with strategic space planning to minimise space loss
  • Upgraded wall-mount range hood to a concealed one, transforming it into a clutter-free and spacious area

Family Kitchen

We transformed this Brookvale Family Kitchen from a dated and cramped space into a modern and spacious one. A pop of colour was introduced with Royal Blue Blum drawers that feature soft-close mechanisms and create a striking contrast with the white walls and the flooring. The appliances were repositioned, stacking a Bosch oven and microwave to maximise the available space. For the splashback and benchtop, we chose the Crown stone to match the royal blue drawers and add some elegance to the kitchen. We also streamlined the look of the area by replacing the wall-mounted range hood with a concealed one, keeping the lines clean and sleek throughout the space.

The Breakfast Bar Upgrade

The original breakfast bar had an extra sink that was redundant and took up valuable space. It also extended too far into the entryway, creating a bottleneck. The back of the bar had some cabinets and a mini fridge area that was exposed and unsightly. We decided to revamp the breakfast bar by installing royal blue drawers that matched the rest of the upgraded cabinetry and concealing the fridge. We also raised the bar slightly, swapped the benchtop with our Crown stone, and eliminated the sink. The result was a sleeker, more functional, and more aesthetically pleasing breakfast bar.