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Combat COVID-19 with a Beautiful Custom Made Home Office

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Times are changing and most of us are finding ourselves spending a lot more time at home, working at the same time. For some of us, this arrangement might be a permanent shift and we are feeling the need of workspace which will give us both comfort and productivity.

Granite Transformations Sydney North Shore and East came up with some tips which you may need to consider before you purchase custom made home office joinery.

1. Think space

Not everyone has a luxury of having a separate study room and you may need to consider using a corner of a living room, a wall of a bedroom, a nook in the kitchen or even space under the staircase. You don’t need a huge space to focus and increase productivity. The beauty of custom joinery is in maximising use of an awkward or small space.

Image by Nesta Architect.

Image by Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects.

Image by Averra Developments Inc..

2. Storage, storage, storage

Clutter is your biggest distraction in your workspace. In order for you to be productive and enjoy your home office space, creating a smart and effective storages that are tailored to your need is important. At Granite Transformations Sydney North Shore and East, our experienced consultants are able to help you design this space with clever ideas.

3. Ergonomically smart

Perhaps you have now realised how uncomfortable your dining chairs are to sit in for all day and you feel the desperate need for ergonomically designed home office space! Beautiful home office design isn’t just about looks. Our Granite Transformations Sydney North sShore and East design consultants will make sure that your home office space makeover delivers the ultimate comfort your hardworking self deserves.

4. Premium quality with beautiful design at reasonable cost

Our custom made furniture pieces are built to last and they come with 10 years warranty. Say goodbye to your mismatched old desks and cabinets – Granite Transformations Sydney North Shore and East designers will be able to plan out a beautiful home office makeover to suit your home style.

Your home office may be eligible for a tax break thanks to the Australian Government COVID-19 Stimulus package. Want to find out more? Talk to us!

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