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Sustainable Kitchen Resurfacing

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Briar Stanley is the founder of the blog (and corresponding Instagram account)  Sunday Collector, Briar’s interior decorating work and life is regularly broadcast to a following that love her fresh coastal style and little family. We are thrilled to have her on board as a contributing blogger for Granite Transformations exploring the benefits of kitchen resurfacing in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.


I’m often singing the praises of Granite Transformations to my clients – purely for their ability to transform a kitchen or bathroom without the need for a full demolition and installation – which, as we all know, can disrupt life and cost a bomb. 

I have to be honest, the sustainability benefits of using Granite Transformations had never really occurred to me, until a recent conversation with a client. They raised a very valid point: we can all help save the environment by choosing kitchen makeovers rather than choosing to build full new kitchens. This got me thinking, and I decided it would make a good blog subject to research for you all.

First of all, I came across this somewhat alarming statistic: The volume of construction waste generated worldwide every year will nearly double to 2.2 billion tons by 2025, according to a report by Transparency Market Research. The study says “reduce, reuse and recycle” policies are necessary to control the amount of construction waste. To date, such policies have been hampered by insufficient resources, lack of industry standards, slim profit margins, policy apathy, and lack of education regarding the issues.

However, it was good to discover that the processes Granite Transformations have in place definitely already leans towards the ‘green thinking’ side of things.


The importance of sustainability and protecting our environment for future generations is a focus across all industries, and home renovation is no exception. Granite Transformations’ ethos is to enhance Australia’s surfaces with natural and sustainable beauty. They use innovative manufacturing processes to create kitchens and bathrooms that are not just eco-friendly, but stunningly beautiful too, and can save you money along the way.

There are a series of methods Granite Transformations use to make their kitchens and bathroom products sustainable:

  • Why reface rather than replace? Well apart from the savings you’ll make by not ripping out cabinet carcasses and stripping off old tiles, the amount of builder’s waste that would otherwise go to landfill, by as much as 75%. The distinctive slimline materials used are for their manufactured stone benchtops are specifically designed to fit neatly over existing surfaces, eliminating demolition, debris and additional reinforcement.
  • Granite Transformations limit water consumption by using sophisticated water recycling systems at the manufacturing facilities.
  • Where possible, they use recycled materials during the manufacturing process of the engineered stone.
  • The replacement cupboard doors are produced using renewable energy sources, highly efficient computerised techniques and raw materials from well-managed commercial forests.


Below are before and after images of a recent Granite Transformations kitchen remodel in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Briar's Old Kitchen – Image credit: Sunday Collector
Briar’s Old Kitchen – Image credit: Sunday Collector

This is what I call a kitchen ripe for a transformation. Dated door fronts and bench top, but with a functional layout, internal cupboards in good condition and gorgeous natural light.

In case you missed it the first time, this is the kitchen I started with before engaging Granite Transformations. A small space that despite being 20 years old, the kitchen cabinets were still solid and in good condition. Shame it was just plain…ugly. A kitchen makeover was overdue! Granite Transformations provided a high quality new kitchen difference  a new white sink, cupboard refacing and engineered granite benchtop


Such an impressive kitchen transformation. If in doubt, go white kitchen cabinets! Elegant and bright, I adore the stone benchtop choice, with the view of the trees.

Briar’s Kitchen – Image credit: Sunday Collector

Six months on, I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am with the update. The ‘Terra Chiara’ granite benchtop is the loveliest surface to work off, and the added luxuries of things such as soft closing drawers and the large pull-out bin has honestly made it feel like a brand new kitchen – all why doing my bit for the environment with less landfill.

Kitchen Renovation Northern Beaches

I’m a big believer in the common saying that the kitchen sells a home, which is probably why I’m so happy to spend so much time planning and designing kitchens…such an important space that really needs to be carefully considered. I hope I’ve provided some inspiration with these varied looks. Happy kitchen renovating!


Vicki Chung

Project Manager & Designer